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Pingshu Storytelling

The Pingshu style of storytelling is an art form enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people – young and old alike – in present-day China. Although its origins date back over a thousand years, the widespread availability of radio in the 1950s brought this popular entertainment to the Chinese masses.

TrueLake’s titles include recordings by several of the elite Pingshu master storytellers of modern China.

Master Yuan Kuocheng 袁阔成 (1929-2015) is often considered the godfather of modern-day Pingshu. Recently, TrueLake has remastered his highly acclaimed collection of Pingshu stories, which is now being offered through our distribution channels.

Master Guan Yuanchao 关勇超 is one of the most popular Pingshu storytellers in China today. TrueLake has recently acquired worldwide rights to Master Guan’s excellent catalog, and has been collaborating with him to produce new works of bestselling titles.

Master Ma Zhanghui 马长慧 began learning the Pingshu storytelling art form in his teens. His works have been broadcast on radio stations throughout China, and his online performances have been viewed and listened to over 200 million times.