Child, May you be Brave and Positive in Your Heart-孩子,愿你一生勇敢心中有光-EPUB


1. Hao Jingfang, an educator mother with forward-thinking science and technology, and winner of the 74th World Science Fiction Conference “Hugo Award”, will use rich and detailed hands-on practice to help you improve your cognition in family education.
2. An analysis of the social trends of the times, the reshaping of 4 parental thinking models, the establishment of 5 core growth abilities, and the integration of children’s psychological development, brain science and education theories of various schools of the world, providing enlightenment methods that can be used at home.
3. A scientific cognition parenting guide for parents. There is a way to solve the headache of parenting problems. It can cure your parenting anxiety and restore the essence of education.

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