Chinese History for Everyone 03: From Nations to Empires-讲给大家的中国历史03:从列国到帝国-EPUB


Suicide behavior was very common in the Spring and Autumn Period. There is a spirit that believes that there are many rules that are more important than life; Spring and Autumn focuses on human relations and a sense of ritual, while the Warring States period pays more attention to state relations, leaving only the game of interests; Chu is a business A heterogeneous country formed by the fusion of culture and southern local culture, rich in “madmen”, free and unruly in thought; Confucianism has become more and more closely related to legalists after Xunzi developed, so that the two outstanding students of Xunzi turned out to be legalists ; Mohism is a faction that has been neglected for more than 2,000 years in the hundreds of families of the philosophers.

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