Go to Diaoyuan Ancient Village to See the Old Houses-去钓源古村看老房子-EPUB


Taking Diaoyuan Ancient Village, a well-preserved ancient village in Jiangxi Province, as an example, this book systematically describes the details that can be appreciated and visited in traditional ancient villages, including important landmark buildings such as ancestral halls, archways, and stage, as well as ancient buildings in Zhongma Important components such as head walls, patios, beams, plaques, doors and windows. The author uses approachable language and a large number of photographic pictures, not only to introduce the ancient village of Diaoyuan itself, but also a way to convey to readers how to enter the ancient village and how to appreciate the ancient village. Readers can learn about the ancient village through this book and can visit the ancient village in the future. Understand more deeply.

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